3 Ways to Know the Age of Your Furnace (and Signs You Should Replace It)

Man repairing the furnaceHave you bought a home with an existing furnace? While that may look like a bonus on your purchase, you must know that the old furnace may already have several issues.

Older furnaces need replacement, especially if they hit their 20-year mark. So, it is essential that you know the age of your present furnace; but if you’re aren’t sure how old it is, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Look for the removable door of your furnace, which is usually at the bottom of the front side of the unit. Pull off this door and check its interior for a tag or label listing the furnace’s serial number. Look for the actual manufacturer’s date to have an idea about the age of your furnace.
  2. Turn off the power switch of the furnace. Then, look at the fan and fan blades. Older furnaces often have the serial number stamped on their fan blades. Look closely at the serial number as they may give information about the date of manufacture of the unit. The first four digits usually indicate the week and the year of manufacture. A serial number starting with 0290, for instance, may mean that the unit was made in the second week of 1990.
  3. Check the furnace for any sticker or tag that gives a date of the last service it received. The service tags may also include the furnace’s installation date. These numbers will definitely give you a close approximation of the unit’s age.

If you failed to find out the exact age of your unit, then it’s time to look for other signs of an aging furnace. High energy bills, uneven temperature, and yellow burner flame on gas furnaces are often surefire signs you need to replace your unit. After all, that’s what Action Plumbing and other professional furnace installers in Salt Lake City always say.

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The heating system is vital in making the whole family comfortable, especially on colder nights. Therefore, replacing your old furnace with a rather expensive new one might not be a bad idea, after all.