4 Colorful Ideas to Inspire Your Next Interior Design Project

Small modern living room with TV and couchIf your client demands a vibrant and inviting space to go home to, create an interior design that utilizes vibrant hues to revamp the dull corners of the house. Understand how different color schemes work with the existing elements of their home and work from there. Mydoma Studio, the leading software provider for interior designers, shares some design inspirations to help you on your next project.

Highlighted Steps

Liven up dark stairways with a fresh lick of bright paint. The burst of color creates an interesting focal point that can easily become a conversation starter for guests. Use a durable paint that can last even with high foot traffic. Finally, add a clear layer of topcoat for better protection.

Floor Show

If your client wants something personalized but doesn’t exactly know where to start, talk about the bedroom floor. This space offers great opportunity to get creative. Recommend ditching the dust-catching carpets and go for painted floors. Paint the floor with their own design and apply a protective coating to resist fading.

Fun Dashes of Color

Even a touch of neon on the smallest elements of the house can make any space stand out. If you’re already planning for a clean look for the kitchen, why not add a little vibrancy? Add dashes of neon red, blue, and yellow onto the tiny handles of the kitchen drawers to make them pop. You can also put a brightly-colored vase or other accessories to contrast with a cream or white backdrop.

Slice of Nature

If the homeowner wants a soothing ambiance, then green is the color to go. Find pieces that replicate the colors of nature. A slice of emerald or wood shade on a kitchen sink or countertop can make a satisfying look in a brightly lit space.

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Explore these ideas when working on your next project and see how your client likes them. These simple designs offer a fresh perspective, and you can tweak them along the way.