4 Sure Signs That Your House Has a Pest Problem

Termite Infestation In Salt Lake CityYou may not be aware of it, but your home may already be suffering from an infestation. Many pests do stay out of sight and away from the light, so you are hardly aware of their presence before it's too late. Here are some possible pest problems you may want to check:


If you've seen one or two of these scampering out of sight once you turn on the kitchen light, chances are you already have thousands of their relatives literally living inside the woodwork. Open cupboards and drawers and check for their droppings and eggs to be sure of their presence.


Typically, they show up during damp and warm seasons and make a nuisance of themselves when you sleep. If you could hear their buzzing near your ear or wake up to small bumps on your skin, then you definitely have mosquitoes in the house.


These are dangerous pests to allow free reign in your house, as they feed on your home's wooden parts. As they are hidden deep in the ground under your home, the only way you'll know their presence is if you see small clay tunnels climbing up your walls. You can also hear scratching noises from inside of your walls. If you're unsure, though, Greenside Landscaping noted that Salt Lake City exterminators are experts at finding their location.

Rats and Mice

These rodents are great at hiding, so you hardly notice them until you find tiny teeth marks on uncovered food or displayed fruits and vegetables. Another way of checking if they are in your house is the small holes gnawed into the walls and corners of your residence.

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Once you've realized that you do have a pest problem, contact a pest control company immediately. Of course, there are the typical DIY solutions, but until you are sure that the infestation is under control, it's best you hire experts to manage your infestation issues. It's worth the extra investment for your peace of mind and your family's health.