A Brief Checklist as You Start a Small Garden

Green lawn in a colorful landscaped formal gardenModern homeowners are finding more excuses to play with dirt and for good reason. Gardening has plenty of benefits, from ensuring that you have a constant supply of fresh vegetables and fruits to reducing stress and anxiety.

And, of course, a nice garden can take your home’s curb appeal many notches higher. So, what should you do to build a gorgeous garden?

Buy planters and tools

When you do not own a large yard or the soil in your yard isn’t very good for gardening, you may want to consider using Terracotta planters. Some of the benefits of planters are they are affordable, durable, and attractive, and they make it easier to zone your garden.

You’ll also need to buy basic tools such as a hand weeder, a spade, watering cans, baskets, and so on.

Assess exposure to light

Most vegetables require eight or more hours of exposure to sunlight every day. If you’re going to be planting flowers in the garden too, it is crucial that you understand their different sunlight needs depending on the species you choose.

This makes it easier for you to know where to place the planters depending on which areas of your yard are shady and which are sunny.

Create a seasonal plan

Start by making a list of the veggies and flowers you want to grow, and create a schedule on what time of the year to grow them. Some varieties of plants will flourish at a certain season of the year and die in the next. Plan ahead of the season so you’ll have everything ready by then.

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Think about a fence

All that attractive bloom on your garden is sure to attract racoons and rabbits. To keep these intruders at bay, you may want to invest in a good fence. A nice fence also helps you designate different zones for your garden, besides adding to the visual appeal of the garden.

Regardless of the kind of veggies and flowers that you are itching to grow, rest assured that you’ll reap significant benefits. The trick, of course, is by arming yourself with the right information before venturing out.