Air Duct Cleaning: What Options Do You Have?

Worker holding blue pipe in place under air ductsVarious advancements in the air duct cleaning methods have significantly improved the safety and quality of the process. Periodic ductwork cleaning is essential for the prevention of build-up of hazardous bacteria and mold. Specialists from Mountain Duct Cleaning in MN say there are various methods through which you can conduct air duct cleaning. Here are some of them:

Steam Air Duct Cleaning

This method uses a wand, which pushes high pressure and temperature to get rid of debris from the air ducts’ walls. The debris is then drawn and trapped in a negative pressure vacuum in the system. However, note that moisture-based air duct cleaning methods should not be used on all types of ducts. Most modern ducts are made to use electronic cleaning methods, hence can be damaged by the use of moisture.

Truck Mounted Cleaning Method

This method uses a PTO powered vacuum, which is mounted on an operating vehicle. This cleaning technology solely depends on the volume of air being drawn. For instance, the vacuum may draw air between 9,000 and 14000 cubic feet in a minute. The vacuum pipe is connected to the trunk lines from the truck, drawing the ventilation to a vacuum. Then the airlines or brushes are inserted in the vent registers to remove debris.

Point of Contact Cleaning

This ranks as the most popular cleaning method due to its safety and effectiveness. It incorporates an agitation device and a movable HEPA filtered vacuum to clean the air ducts simultaneously. This method is based on the velocity of air drawn technology. As such, high velocity equals high debris lift ability.

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To ensure that you select the right method and that your ducts are thoroughly and properly cleaned, you must seek the services of a professional HVAC contractor. This way, you will not only be guaranteed of clean, high-quality air in your home but also the safety and functionality of your ductwork.