Aspects You Need to Know About Moss and Roofs

Moss covered roofAccording to some people, moss is appealing to the eye. It gives your home a rustic look that has a quaint appeal. Even so, when the plant grows on your rooftop, then there is cause for alarm. Here are some facts from roof cleaning companies you must know about.

Where Does Moss Thrive?

Moss thrives in cool and damp environments. If your yard is filled with big trees that have huge canopies, then your roof is likely to create a perfect haven for moss to grow. Areas that hardly get directly exposed to sunlight are likely to be the most vulnerable.

How Does Moss Damage Roofs?

Moss is notorious for retaining moisture. If your roof is wet all year round, this only means that the shingles and sheathing will suffer. Moss also tends to curl on the edges of shingles and also grow underneath them. If you overlook a moss problem and the moss colonies become well-established, the degree of damage caused could put the structural integrity of your home in question.

What Are The Best Moss Removal Strategies?

Moss does not have firm roots. It could be removed by gently scrubbing it off with a brush. For a thorough job to be done, you can use a power washer. Diluted bleach is also helpful. When attempting a moss removal remedy, it is best to ensure that you do not cause more damage than repairs. For better chances of getting excellent results, seek professional roof cleaning for roof cleaning services. Trained experts could do a thorough job and even take measures to arrest the likelihood of moss regrowth. Keep in mind that while moss may not be harmful, it creates a superb environment where harmful organisms such as fungus and mold can thrive.

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