Copper on Plants: The Hidden Ingredient

Natural copperLike the human body, plants need constant nourishment from various sources. Sunlight and water, two of the most common things plants need, are composed of smaller particles that contribute to a plant’s overall health and growth. Vitamins and fertilizers are a great source of nutrients for plants. Copper is one of the nutrients plants need to grow.

Yes, that large copper garden planter your grandmother has always bragged about has more than just aesthetic and historical properties. It also contributes to her plants’ overall growth.

Role of copper in plants

An elementary student can confidently tell you that Chlorophyll is that one ingredient responsible for giving plants their green color. Numerous factors form chlorophyll and nutrients, and copper is among them.

Aside from giving plants its green color, copper also plays a part in several enzyme processes as well as photosynthesis. This micronutrient is also responsible for promoting seed formation and production. Plants need only a tiny amount of copper for it to grow properly. However, this minute amount help plants in their respiratory and metabolism processes, specifically that of carbohydrates and proteins.

Sources of copper

Soil naturally contains copper, but in some cases, copper content is not enough. Therefore, the supplement is needed. One of the most common sources of copper is through medication and fertilizers. Another is through copper pots and containers. Copper pots are known to be rust and dent resistant. It is also designed to prevent copper seepage on plants and is technically safe to use.

It is essential to know how much copper your soil needs. Too much copper on your soil can lead to copper toxicity and can do a lot of harm not only to your soil but your plants and crops as well

Thus, the next time you see a copper pot for sale in a second-hand shop, do not just pass by. It might be the piece that you need to not only add beauty to your place but also improve your plant’s health.

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