Easy Install and Maintenance with a Fibreglass Pool

Fibreglass PoolIt is easy to decide whether you want a pool in your property. In the hot weather, a quick dip in the pool is a quick and easy way to cool off. Deciding on what type of pool to have is a different matter.

Fibreglass Pools

While there are still a lot of people who love traditional concrete pool, fibreglass pools are becoming very popular. The fibreglass technologies that go into building a fibreglass pool make these type of pools the best you will ever see. Fibreglass pools are prefabricated, they're sprayed onto a mould (the shape of the pool) and once they have cured they are then removed and there you have your fibreglass pool.

Multiple Designs

There are many fibreglass pool designs. The best think to do if you are thinking of purchasing a fibreglass pool is to visit the pool companies. Visit their display yards and physically see the pool shells in the ground, see how they look, what the size is like and what could fit in your backyard and take your bathers with you so you can have a swim and test the pool?

Pool Approval Process

There are regulations to follow when it comes to pool installation. You must obtain planning permission from your local shire to install a pool in your backyard. Local shires process many pool building licenses for fibreglass swimming pools in Perth everyday, in short approvals are generally granted in a few weeks.

Quick Pool Installation

As there is no onsite curing time or painting required (like a concrete pool) the installation time is minimized to just a week. So the installation process for a fibreglass pool is significantly less than concrete installation, sometimes up to 6 months less!

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Easy to Maintain and Better Hygiene

One of the great advantages of a fibreglass view is the gelcoat cosmetic layer. This layer is a smooth barrier that reduces the chances of algae growth and other contaminants forming in the pool. This make for better hygiene and low maintenance.