Essential Components of Lawn Care and Maintenance

A garden sprinkler spraying water on green patch of grass If you think you are doing proper lawn care and maintenance by installing a movable sprinkler system and doing occasional weeding, think again. There is more to it than pulling out unsightly weeds on the weekends. Here are three essential components of grass care according to a Utah lawn expert.


Watering is extremely important to plants. You may already know that the best time to drench the lawn is in the early morning. But, how about the frequency of watering? Experts discourage shallow and frequent watering, as it weakens the plant. Two deep watering sessions per week strengthen the root systems. Remember to water the grass heavily and less frequently instead of watering lightly and often. If you live in an area prone to droughts, then this approach benefits the grass and the soil. Also, consider specific requirements for the species of plants and the soil, as well as the local climate.


The quality of the grass depends on how smartly you mow it. According to experts, the rate of growth of the grass determines the mowing schedule. Mowing is an essential part of grass maintenance, but you should always do it prudently. Never mow when the grass is wet, and remember to remove only a third of the grass leaf at the most in a single cutting. It is safe to cut between 2.5 and 3.0 inches, no matter what type of grass is growing in your yard. Note that a regular mowing schedule facilitates healthy growth of the grass.


Grass fertilization can be a complicated task for most home gardeners. The amount of nutrients required by the grass depends on many factors, including the watering schedule. It makes sense to invest in a lawn fertilizer program designed by experts.

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Are you keen on maintaining a healthy yard? Make sure the grass on your lawn is watered, mowed, and fertilized properly. Call the professionals if you need help in taking care of your lawn grass.