Five Best Water Heating Systems for Homeowners

Man fixing the water heater systemThe Department of Energy is helping homeowners reduce energy costs by providing information about different water heating systems and ways to determine its energy efficiency. This is worth considering for families who have plans of building their home in Colorado. Determining the right home water heating system is important to steer homeowners away from costly monthly bills and maintenance.

Below are the five water heating systems available in the market:

  • Water heating system that comes with a storage tank
  • Demand-type water heaters or those that heat water with no storage tank
  • Indirect water heating systems and tankless coil
  • Sun-powered water heating systems
  • Heat pump water heating systems

Homeowners may need to consult a plumbing installation in Denver to figure out the best way to install the water heating system they choose. Hot water is a basic necessity, but homeowners must determine the energy factor of the four water heating system types that either uses natural gas or electricity. There are so many variables that can affect your option, which is why it’s best to talk to a professional.

Counting on Official Advice

The Department of Energy also advised that aside from the energy factor that is often present in the water heater user manual, homeowners want to determine the ideal size, fuel type, first-hour rating, and overall cost of a water heating system before making the purchase.

Homeowners should know they can compute the how much a particular water heating system would cost them every year. All they have to do is to use the easy-to-use formula. The estimated amount of water a family uses is 64.3 gallons daily. The calculation depends on the energy that will power the water heater that the homeowner plans to buy.

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Knowing the different water heating systems is important for homeowners to reduce energy cost and buy the right water heating system for their home.