Gate Wars: Wrought Iron, Metal, or Modern?

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Metal, wrought iron, and modern gates all offer their own set of benefits. It pays, however, to choose your gate material based on what blends well with your home’s architecture. Otherwise, it could steal the attention away from other, equally beautiful parts of your home.

Charming, rustic wrought iron gates may look enchanting, but how well will it blend with your modern-style home? If you live in a cottage-style house, what is your best gate material option? Here are some suggestions that could help you choose the right gate for your home.

Aesthetic Counts

Wrought-iron gates, reminiscent of secret gardens and faraway castles, work well with villas, manors, and cottage-style homes. They act as both an effective barrier against intruders and a charming exterior decoration. In terms of design, you can include swirls and curls, leaves and flowers, or lace patterns — you won’t want for options when you choose this type of gate material. Moreover, wrought-iron gates are durable. Some elaborately fabricated units are known to last decades.

Solid metal gates, meanwhile, work well for homeowners who need more privacy. Mass-produced models may offer a better deal because they are more solid compared to wrought iron gates. They don’t, however, give your property as many characters and an exclusive look and feel as a wrought-iron gate.

Modern gates, meanwhile, integrate best into minimalist homes. Additionally, they may include other elements, such as mesh, glass, and corrugated steel, making them more flexible, design-wise. Some homeowners prefer a sleek and simple design, while others want extravagant design elements that mirror their unique personality. Gates made out of modern materials readily adapt to both designs.

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Security is Key

When choosing a gate for your home, it pays to choose one that offers the highest level of security. Both wrought-iron and solid metal gates can provide protection, but modern gates are the best option in terms of security.

With the arrival of companies like, it is now easier for homeowners to integrate extra security features to their gates, regardless of its material. Companies as such can work on existing gates, whether they are made of mahogany, ornate wrought iron, or cedar. They incorporate intercoms, telephone entry systems, keypads, remote controls, and other features to enhance the level of security it can provide.