Getting Your Septic System Ready for Winter

Septic Tank InstallationWinter brings various problems to a septic system. Cold weather, for instance, causes the water inside the system to freeze and create backups or blockage. On top of that, frozen water could damage septic pipes. Fortunately, you can take these steps to make sure that your septic system operates as smoothly as possible during the cold season.

Inspect the Septic System Cover for Damage

The cover to the opening of your septic system must be sturdy and free of damage. If you find any problems with the cover, have an expert fix it before the snow falls. Putting off the repairs may allow cold air to enter and freeze up the entire septic system.

Limit Activity around the Septic System

SEPTIVAC SERVICE advises individuals to refrain from driving over or around the septic system. Doing this during the cold season may allow the frost to penetrate deeper into the soil, which may freeze parts of the system. Additionally, don’t let anyone use the mound on top of the septic system as a sledding hill.

Install an Insulating Cover

Keeping your septic system warm is crucial to allow the bacteria inside to metabolize and break down the solids quicker. If the temperature of the system drops too far south, the bacteria will slow down and the solids will start to accumulate, which can harm your septic system. So, make sure to install an insulating cover, such as a frost blanket, over your drain field and septic tank. This helps trap heat and prevents your septic system from freezing.

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Lay Mulch over Your Septic System

Applying mulch over the area of your septic system is a more natural alternative to help prevent freezing problems caused by the cold weather. Mulch acts as a natural insulator, as it helps stop snow from working its way deep into the ground.

Before winter rolls in, remember to check the septic system cover for issues, limit activity around the system, install an insulating cover, and lay mulch over the system. Keeping your septic system from freezing during the cold months prolongs the lifespan of your tank and prevents you from shelling out cash on costly repairs.