Gutter Problems? 5 Signs to Watch Out For

rain gutterRain gutters might not be something that you always notice at home, but they play an important role in keeping your place as safe and dry as possible. Therefore, it would be helpful to keep your rain gutters in check.

If necessary, you can easily install a new rain gutter system in your Utah home. What is tricky is deciding when to install it. While they usually go hand in hand with the roof, inspecting your rain gutters regularly, especially when you see signs of wear can save you a lot of trouble (and money).

Signs you need new rain gutters

Paint peelings

Paint peelings are often a sign that your house is getting old and that repair is due. However, if only your gutter paint is peeling, then it is a more evident sign that water is not completely removed from it. Repair or replacement might be necessary, depending on the severity of the problem.


Cracks can lead to leaks inside and outside your home. Repair should be made at the first few signs of cracks. This will prevent water from seeping into the house and damaging boards, shingles, and the foundation.

Sagging gutter

A sagging gutter is a sign of an aging gutter. Do not wait for it to fall from your roof; replace it immediately to avoid even more costly problems.


A gutter is designed to withstand basic natural elements, such as the sun, rain, and snow. If your gutter starts to rust, then it means the material is becoming brittle and prone to damage.


The main function of a gutter is to remove water from your roof, so it won’t enter your house. The formation of mold inside and outside your house indicates that there is moisture in the area, which means your gutter is not able to perform its function properly.

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Do you observe any of these signs in your house? Maybe it’s time to replace your gutters and give your home a new start.