House Extension: What You Must Know

A House With An ExtensionWhen was the last time you thought of making adjustments to your home? If your house is starting to feel old and a drag, don’t start house hunting just yet. Perhaps all it needs is one small change. Have you considered a house extension? In the long term, it saves you time and money. Before you can go out and purchase materials, however, have a look at some points below before starting on your new project.


According to Just Patios, expert carport builders in Brisbane, this is among the top points of consideration that you have to think about. Before you can start any work or even contact your architect, you need to sit down and decide how much you are able and willing to spend. When budgeting, do not forget to include architect fees and any applications you might make in the future. Once you have decided on a budget, ensure that you stick to it. Do not let small costs creep up on you — they can add up.


Just like any other house project, house extensions do not happen overnight. For starters, getting the planning permission and the building regulations approval will take some months. You should, therefore, be patient and maybe expect delays. Additionally, it is a good idea to factor in family events, holidays, or possible emergencies.

Planning Permissions

While some house alterations (e.g., loft conversions or a single story extension) do not need planning permission, you might need planning permission for a home extension. Before you can proceed, you need to check the local planning regulations and other requirements. Seek more information from your local planning officer or ask your service provider.

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You should not underestimate the impact a house extension can have on your family’s quality of life. However, you need to come up with a timetable for completion so that it does not affect your daily life as well.