How to Cut Air Conditioner Operating Costs but Maintain Peak Performance

Air Conditioning Care on Low EnergyThere are ways to save on air conditioning costs. One of these is the use of a zone control system. This allows the owner to set different thermostat settings in different parts of the house. Low-tech solutions also work to lower the room temperature and save on energy costs.

HVAC experts from, know that cooling a room through other means can help the air conditioner in the long run.

Low-Tech Solutions

An air conditioner works best when the room is properly insulated. That means cold air does not leak out when the air conditioner is in operation. There is an easy way to check this. Stand outside the room or home, and run your hand along the windows and doors.

If there is cold air escaping, caulk the windows and add insulation along the door frame. Place the thermostat on the right wall to provide accurate readings. If placed near a window, the warmer air will trick the air conditioner to start more often.

Blinds, shades, and drapes keep the room at a lower temperature. These also serve as insulators and keep the cold air from escaping.

A ceiling fan uses only a fraction of the energy to run an air conditioner, yet it can bring the temperature up to 10 degrees cooler. You could save more when setting the air conditioner at 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Filter Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

The air conditioner works best when it is regularly maintained. Schedule annual maintenance by mid-spring. This ensures that it is ready for use before summer. Also, regular inspection and cleaning of the air filters can keep it in peak working condition.

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Air conditioners usually have filters, which you can clean without the need to call support personnel. Pull the filter out and run water through it. After drying, put it back into place and ready for operation.

Air conditioners can be lifesavers during the hottest days of summer. With some low-tech adjustments, it does not have to be expensive to operate.