How to Take Proper Care of Solar Panels

Solar Panel RoofingSolar energy installations are one of the best energy systems since they require minimal maintenance. They do not degrade easily and could last for many years. Here are a few solar panel service maintenance tips to ensure they last even longer.

Proper Cleaning

Solar panels are usually installed at a slanted angle, so they are easily cleaned by rain water. However, they may accumulate a hefty pile of dust and pollen. In this case, you simply need to wash them with water. You can use a hose pipe to wash off the dirt. If you must use a detergent or any other cleaning product, make sure it is not abrasive so as not to interfere with light absorption. If you wish to wipe the panel, use a very soft cloth to avoid scratching. Also, do not use cold water to wash hot panels as this could lead to cracking.

Maximum Exposure to the Sun

For you to enjoy maximum benefits of solar energy, make sure the panels are fully exposed to the sun. During installation, make sure you choose the location with maximum sunlight exposure.

Regular Inspection

Since solar panels are installed in high areas, they are less susceptible to damage. Nonetheless, it is important to do a thorough inspection once in a while to get rid of any obstructions that could interfere with the system.

Monitor the Usage Output

It is not enough for you to just check the meter readings. You also need to check the energy output for you to determine if the whole system is performing appropriately. Through inverters, you can monitor how much energy you are saving daily. With modern technology, you can install an app on the phone or the computer to help you monitor your system’s efficiency.

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If your solar panels are in a high area, you need to be careful when cleaning or inspecting them. Always be cautious when accessing your rooftops and ask for help when necessary.

A solar energy system is a convenient source of power since it comes from renewable resources. Always ensure you take good care of the solar panels through proper maintenance and servicing for you to enjoy its maximum benefits.