How You Can Go from Newlyweds to New Home Owners

Couple standing in front of new houseAs newlyweds, home ownership is your next step toward building a family and a future together. This goal can be quite challenging if this is your first time to make a substantial purchase. You’ll have plenty to consider since the two of you will be making the decision. Here are some factors to think about before choosing:


The first thing you would need to take into consideration is the affordability of the property. What is your budget for this first acquisition? You need to think about the down payment and the mortgage you have to make every month. You also need to consider the cost of home ownership.

Stick to an affordable but comfortable unit that still offers a safe and pleasant neighborhood, such as a model house in Lancaster, Cavite.


Another thing you have to think about is the location of the property. In most cases, location is the deciding factor for a number of things: one, you would want your place to be near your work, and two, you’ll need easy access to commercial and recreational places, like malls and parks. Cavite is one option to think about, what with massive developments sprouting like Lancaster New City Cavite, which features a complete community for families.

Having your home located in a dreamy place is useless if the commute takes up much of your time and requires a small fortune to get to wherever you need to go.

Living Space

Lastly, one of the factors that you also need to take into account is your required living area. Having a large house may seem like a good idea at first, but more square footage also means a bigger space to maintain and clean. Buying a smaller home can be easier to maintain, especially since you’re just starting your life together. Check for possible expansion options if you intend to grow your family.

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Choose your first property wisely because your family’s life journey begins here.