Outdoor Safety: Of Yards, Pools, and Garden Sheds

GardenIt’s not entirely possible to keep your children safe from everything. But if you can prevent a few of them from happening, wouldn’t you at least try?

Securing the Perimeter

Your first line of defense is a fence. Make sure it does not have any possible footholds they can use to climb over. Anything that can be used as leverage for climbing should be kept away, too. Do a periodic check for loose boards or panels. If you cannot install a perimeter fence, consider buying or making a reasonably-sized playpen. One that can be moved around would be quite handy and can be taken anywhere you wish to work should you wish to work outdoors. If your fence includes a gate, check that it has a self-closing mechanism.

Keeping Them Dry

If you have a pool there are a number of ways to keep it secure. Installing a pool cover is one way to keep children from falling into the water. You can choose between doing it manually and having a professional install an automatic cover. There is also the option of installing a fence around the pool. Usually made of aluminum, pool fences are another great way to keep children from coming near the pool unsupervised. If you are particularly worried about having untoward incidents involving the pool, both safety methods can be used in tandem. And again, make sure that there are no footholds or items that can be used to climb over the fence.

Of Sheds and Garages

Whatever purpose your garden shed serves, there is always the possibility that it contains something unsuitable for children. Ensure that your shed is structurally sound and that the locks are firmly fastened. Some children can move quickly and easily hide. Whenever you enter the shed, make sure that you were not followed inside to avoid locking children in.

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Safety is the Number One Priority

There are many dangers both inside and outside of the home, but many of them can be prevented. At the very least, you can feel more at ease that you were able to secure your home environment as best as you could.