Preparing for the Worst: Plumbing Emergency Guidelines for Residents

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing issues aren’t that urgent and some are simple that you would only need to drain your sink slowly or plunge your toilet quickly. Then again, there will be times when you have to face major emergencies. These can lead to huge amounts of water leaks, the general failure of major water fixtures and lack of drainage or water flow to the whole house.

Despite the maintenance done by your plumber in Salt Lake City, says that it’s best to always prepare for the worst.

  • If you’re trying to unclog a kitchen sink with a couple of basins, stop the water from moving to the basins by using the second plunger.
  • If you want to unclog a toilet, ensure that you use a forced cup plunger. Meanwhile, use simple cup plungers on tubs and sinks.
  • If you have dented or scratched ferrules in your supply tube, use Teflon tape as your temporary measure.
  • If you have a cracked pipe, use pipe sealing or duct tape as a short-term solution.
  • Identify when you can turn the isolation valve off for every major water fixture.
  • Identify where you can shut the main water valve off in your home.
  • Identify how you can turn your water heater off. For gas heaters, just switch it off by turning to the “Pilot” setting.

Apart from the above-mentioned guidelines, you have to know the most common tools to fix plumbing issues. There are some tactics that you can use with pliers and wrenches modified especially for plumbing issues. For instance, use a couple of wrenches at the same time and turn them in opposite directions to lower the stress on the plumbing. Use slip-joint pliers on a drain line to loosen collar nuts.

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With these guidelines for plumbing emergencies, you can do some damage control while waiting for your plumber.