We’re a home and gardening lifestyle publication, and staying in our readers’ loop matters to us. Of course, it also matters that our readers stay in ours. That’s why we get some of your personal information when you use the website.

How We Use Your Information

We don’t let an avid reader and visitor’s engagement go unnoticed, and we’d like to keep the correspondence. We use your personal details to stay in touch with you, and we assure you that they are safe with us. To give you peace of mind, here’s how we use the information we get:

  • We contact you and deliver the subscriptions based on the details.
  • We conduct surveys among our customers and make reports to create a more personalized experience for visitors like you.
  • We provide updates on our events and your subscription status.

Our privacy policy states that we aren’t disclosing your information for anything outside of these purposes. What you provided stays between you and Scats Flowers.

How We Keep Your Information

We store all our customer data in a computer with strong security features. We also save them in a removable storage device, which we keep in our vault. We regularly update the fixes and security codes, so you can be sure they are safe with us.

How You Can Keep Track of Your Information

You have a hand in keeping things private. Check your Scatsflowers.com account and see if there’s any incorrect information. Give us a call or leave a message, and we’ll have it corrected right away.