Problems in Plumbing That Arise from Hard Water Usage

Plumbing ProblemsWhitish buildup on home appliances and piping systems due to minerals in your water supply can cause major damage later on. The calcified deposits look like hardened white chalk. You will see them on the showerhead, the faucet, and even along the waterline of your trusty old bathtub. Coffee makers and water heaters do not work as well when there is a significant amount of buildup. What you are not seeing is the amount of deposit that may already be clogging the pipes.

What is hard water?

It is quite common for plumbing services outfits in Salt Lake City like Connect Building Services to be called upon to deal with clogged pipes and dysfunctional showerheads. Hard water running out of your faucet from municipal sources can be the cause of the blockage in the pipes. Hard water contains minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, and sediments as well. The minerals are not necessarily harmful to people’s health, but they are not very friendly to plumbing systems in American homes. Aside from creating buildup and wearing out certain home appliances, hard water also makes cleaning rather difficult because of their reaction to detergents.

Hard Water in Your Pipes

While you can clean fixtures and appliances and remove deposits before they accumulate, the pipes running behind the walls are another matter altogether. Do you know what hard water can do to your plumbing system? They form into scales, which stresses the pipes and wears them down faster. As the deposits accumulate, they can form into clogs and impede water flow. Even if you take care not to clog the sink with food and other debris, in time deposits from hard water can block the flow and cause problems in the kitchen, the toilet, and the bathroom.

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Because you use hard water from a municipal source, your appliances will not reach their intended lifespan. You must remove the mineral deposits that you can see because they make the appliances work less efficiently. Call for professional plumbing services for relevant maintenance measures to prevent clogging in the pipes.