Small but Comfortable: Building Granny Flats

Building Granny Flats in MelbournePeople build or rent a granny flat for a variety of reasons. However, the main purpose of having a granny flat is to allow ease of movement without compromising functionality in a small space. So before you build your own granny flat, it is important to take note of these 5 things.

Things to consider in building a granny flat

  1. The basics

The basics like a kitchen, toilet, and bath, as well as a bedroom, should be present, no matter how small space is. While you are trying to keep things at the minimum, do not compromise on the basics like a sink for your toilet, or a stove and fridge for your kitchen.

  1. Comfort

The basic necessities a man would need should be able to bring comfort to the person occupying the space. People have different reasons for staying in a granny flat, but whether you are an adult, a youth looking for a cheap place, or an elderly looking for peace and quiet, granny flats should be designed for the comfort and convenience of the people.

  1. Privacy

While big windows are aesthetically appealing, putting it in your granny flats might not be an effective choice. Renters would want their own privacy in as much as you want yours in your own home.

  1. Space

Space is minimal, so make sure your interior design is aimed at maximising that little space you have. By putting in only the basics, one would be able to maximise their granny flats without compromising convenience and comfort.

  1. Function

Determine why you are building a granny flat. Is it for you or your family members? Or is it built to help you generate extra income? Knowing why you are building a granny flat for before the actual construction begins can help you a lot during the planning stage.

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Do remember, however, that despite the size, there are granny flat builders in Melbourne like Classic Cabins who are willing to provide their services and expertise to you. Like choosing your homebuilders, make sure you choose your granny flat builder well.