Three Ideas for Introducing Curves in Your Interior Design

Interior Design of Kitchen and Living RoomOne of the notable changes in interior design lately is the shift from straight, hard lines to soft, stylised curves. It has become a default for living rooms to have round leather sectionals, bedrooms to feature circular beds, and patios to have cocoon swing chairs. The curved aesthetics is simply beautiful. If you want to use curves in upgrading the look of your space, here are tips to pull it off:

Start with subtlety

The easiest way to introduce curves is to have it as accent design elements. Try it first on tiny details. For instance, you can have a wallpaper or a backsplash that has circular geometric patterns. You can also have it on minor pieces of furniture, like an ottoman or a coffee table. There are also stylish footstools online you can easily purchase. Start with subtle elements because you want to balance out the hard, straight edges that are already in your space.

Use them as a focal point

If you are not the type to go subtle though and would want to use curved design elements that are relatively bigger, say, a sectional sofa, note that these would serve as a statement piece. Curved lines are a deviation from the common elements one sees in design, so they can draw attention to themselves. In short, they are an instant focal point. So, if you are going to have that sofa, build your design from it.

Consider architectural details

Sometimes you just have to be more familiar with your space to identify the curves you can highlight. A lot of traditional homes have vaulted ceilings, but the design is not made to emphasise it. Try hanging an elegant chandelier, and this will entice people to look up and appreciate those curves. Another curved architectural detail you may be missing is your windows. Most bay windows have interesting lines, which are unfortunately concealed because of the wrong choice of drapes. Try using sheer drapes or shutters to highlight such better.

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Curves can soften the straight, clean lines on your space and make it more visually interesting. Follow these tips to bring out the curves in your design.