Why Do You Need a Rooter Service?

Plumber Fixing Clogged TubIf someone tells you that your home plumbing in Salt Lake City needs a rooter service, don’t let it intimidate you. “Rooter” is just basically a generic term used for a drain cleaning machine.

A long time ago, rooter service is mainly used to clear away tree roots that have grown through the plumbing system as they could cause major drain clogs, which is why it is called rooter service.

Nowadays, a rooter involves cleaning any blockages or clogs in the pipes including hair, food, scum, soap, and items that are non-flushable, as well as objects that are accidentally dropped in the drain by running water with varying forces through the drains.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, they will take parts of the plumbing system apart to remove the clogs manually.

Common Causes of a Drain Clog

It’s very frustrating when you have slow or clogged drains. A rooter service is designed to fix this problem which is why it is a very important plumbing system repair job. Some of the most common causes of a drain clog are the following.

  • Small clogs (e.g., such as hair, food scraps and scum) that mostly affect the fixture or appliance nearest the affected area
  • Larger clogs that block the sewer line (Symptoms include minor backups in showers and tubs when someone flushes the toilet or widespread drainage problems in multiple locations in your house.)
  • Debris buildup due to the flushing of non-flushable items (e.g., toilet paper)
  • Tree roots that have grown into the sewer line

Benefits of a Rooter Service

Hiring professional plumbers has many benefits. First of all, they know exactly what they are doing so they can fix the problem the first time as opposed to a trial-and-error approach of a regular handyman. They also offer a long-term solution to your drain problems.

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Quick fixes are great, but you still need to have the problem fixed properly to prevent future issues with your plumbing system. Also, it’s more cost and time-efficient to have the problem fixed once and for all. Surely, you don’t want to keep calling a handyman for quick fixes, right?

Having clogged drains is one of the frustrating parts of being a homeowner. Quicks fixes may work for some issues, but they won’t work all the time or forever. At some point, you will need to call the professionals so why delay something inevitable? Don’t wait for your plumbing problems to worsen and get of out hand.