Why Steel Doors Require Regular Maintenance

A steel door with a smart lockSteel doors help in maintaining the security of both residential and commercial properties. This material is tough, durable, and weather-proof, which makes it a favourite among property owners.

Doors should work and last for a long time — or so we thought. Like any other material, steel doors require regular maintenance. When maintaining a steel door for your building in Sydney, it’s best to leave the repair to professionals who are skilled at handling this type of door. You can only do the external inspection, but be sure to alert your building maintenance when you see signs of problems. Here are the things to check:

External Elements

Schedule general door inspections on a regular basis. When cleaning the door, pay attention to the finish. Keeping it clean helps ensure that defects would not lead to further damage. Door handles and knobs require the same attention.

The environment and its elements (sun, rain, and debris brought by strong winds) could damage doors. Inspecting the weather sealing is just as important. The door should close properly and water should not leak from the outside. The door not only seals against the elements, but also helps to keep the room temperature at a constant level. There will always be some leaks, but a proper seal ensures minimal to none.

Hinges and Locks

Hinges can come loose and could start to give in when opening or closing. These are signs of damage that you can remedy. The hinge can be easily replaced without taking the door out of place. Any undue resistance may be due to rust or a bent hinge. An unobstructed operation means that the door opens and closes smoothly. If the door scrapes the floor, the hinges may be loose. A quick inspection of the hinge will show the problem.

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Locks are made of two parts, the lockset and the plate. The plate is a non-moving part, which holds the lock in place. If the door does not lock properly, the plate may be defective. Opening and closing the door several times will show if the lock holds or not. The worst case occurs when the door lock is stuck in place. This would require a possible replacement.

Get your steel doors checked and maintained periodically. Doing so will extend its lifetime as well as keep maintenance costs at a minimum.