3 Fridge Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Person Inspecting FridgeImagine how annoying it can be — opening your fridge only to find your food spoilt. It’s something every homeowner will want to keep at bay. This is why knowing the essential refrigerator maintenance tips come in handy. Some of them will help identify malfunctions early, so you can respond in time before a total breakdown. Below, see how you can boost the lifespan of your fridge:

Clean the coils.

The coils in your fridge are meant to provide the coldest conditions possible. Leaving dust and debris build-up makes them work twice or thrice as hard. As a result, the efficiency of the compressors and motors are affected, which cuts the life of your appliance. To avoid a possible breakdown, inspect for dirt (preferably once a month) and wipe them using a clean piece of cloth or a soft-bristle brush.

Stuff up the fridge.

The purpose of your fridge is to cool food. Therefore, it’s best you stack it up. Let all compartments be filled. If you still find some space remaining, fill up your containers with water and place them in the extra spaces. While arranging your items in the fridge, it’s also good that you leave the area for the fans to function properly and the air to circulate uniformly.

Protect it from heat sources.

When building your home, All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. suggests working with fridge service providers to help you design a kitchen that accommodates the refrigerator you want. The cookers and microwaves should be far away from where you will want your fridge. Also, avoid exposing it to sun rays for long periods of time. A lot of heat near your fridge makes it work harder to maintain the required conditions. This doesn’t just lead to inefficiency, as it also adds up to your energy bills.

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Your fridge doesn’t just keep food fresh. It also cuts on wastage that may result from spoilage. Therefore, knowing the simple care tips for your refrigerator saves you a lot.