3 Reasons You’re Encountering Troubles with Your Water Heater at Home

Water Heater System MalfunctionA water heating unit provides great advantages one can ever imagine. Most especially now that the cold season is fast approaching, you’ll need as much warm you can get. However, with continued years of use, it wouldn’t be too long until you start noticing issues or problems with it.

The good thing is a majority of these troubles can be avoided with proper knowledge. To help assess your unit, All Hours Plumbing and HVAC and other Utah companies that specialize in water heater repair and replacement shares some possible reasons you’re having trouble with your unit:

Something is Wrong with Electrical

A tripped circuit breaker is the most common reason you encounter trouble when heating water. This may be due to water being way too hot. It could also be that the thermostat controlling the unit is not properly turned on or the setting is not suitable with the temperature it could hold out. For this, the ideal thing to do is to simply replace the damaged portion of your system.

Not Draining the Valve Regularly

If your water heater starts giving off a bad smell, there can only be one reason for it — you’re not cleaning your system enough. To maintain a clean and odorless water, it’s necessary to perform periodic flushing. If you’re still smelling an unpleasant odor, then you may need to consider changing its anode rod.

There’s a Leak in Your Unit

When you’re encountering low water pressure with your system, make sure you check the water pipe and drain valve and watch out for leaks. To avoid this, performing a regular check with your unit is necessary. This is to monitor your system if it needs further attention.

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Knowing these things will save you thousands of money and from the biting cold of winter. Be sure you pay enough attention to your heater so you could continuously enjoy the benefits of having one at home.