6 Handling Tips: Prevent Molds Before They Form

Mold ProblemThere is no better way to address mold problem than keeping it out of your homes in the first place. Prevention is better than cure, indeed. Prevent all kinds of colored molds (green, black, pink etc.) from growing in your homes. While Salt Lake City is a home to numerous mold removal companies, these simple tips can help prevent molds from entering your homes.

Preventing molds

  1. Know where they are

The first step to preventing molds is to know where they usually grow. If your basement carpet is causing mold growth, remove it. If it is growing from your ceiling because of the leak, then fix your roof and change your ceiling. Know where they grow and always be ahead of them.

  1. Keep your homes dry

Moisture promotes mold growth. Make sure your place is always dry. Keep your whole house moisture free by monitoring its humidity, especially during seasons that are too cold or too hot. Hygrometers (used to measure indoor humidity) are of great help in keeping an eye on your home’s humidity level. A dehumidifier also helps.

  1. Proper ventilation is key

Keep your place properly ventilated. Keep your exhaust open while showering, cooking or even when running the dishwasher. Make your place well ventilated, allow your home to breathe.

  1. Check for leaks and seeps

Immediately fix leaks and seeps in all parts of your houses. Where there is a leak, there will surely be mold.

  1. Remove small spots

Small spots and pores can be removed with chemical mold removers. Completely remove one when you see one to prevent it from spreading even more, AAA Restoration advised.

  1. Immediately seek help
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If not prevented, mold growth will spread beyond your cleaning capacity. When this happens, immediately call for professional help to eradicate these bacteria in your homes. Molds are more than just a nuisance to your eyes but can also pose health hazards if not immediately removed.

It turns out that the saying “prevention is better than cure” works not only in health but also in dealing with molds. Have a mold-free house, start preventing their growth now.