Common Water Heater Problems Which Might Affect Your Circuit Breaker

Water heater switchWater heaters are among the home appliances which require a lot of power. If there is any fault with your heater, the electrical current can trip your circuit breaker and shut down your power. Simply turning your breaker on isn’t a solution.

A tripping circuit breaker could mean that you need water heater repair services such as in Lehi. Getting a professional to handle the repairs is crucial since it could pose serious problems at home. Here are the common problems which might cause your water heater to trip the circuit breaker.

Faulty Thermostats

Water heating elements have two thermostats which control their function. Only one thermostat is functional at a time. If either of the thermostats is defective, the other thermostat is affected. The working thermostat draws more electric current than it should compensate for the faulty one. This causes tripping of your circuit breaker.

Burnt Out Heating Elements

Most water heaters contain two heating elements to heat your water. When a heating element fails, then it burns out and can only be noticed when your water fails to warm. At times, however, your heating element might split hence exposing its electrical components to water. The short circuit thus created flips your heater’s high limit switch and trips your circuit breaker.

High Limit Issues

Water heaters have a limit on the maximum temperature of your heated water or heating elements. High limit devices shut down your heater if the water or heating element exceeds the set maximum temperature. This might in turn trip your breaker as a safety precaution. The increased temperatures might also indicate a wiring problem near your heating element or the heater’s junction box.

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Loose electrical wires in your electrical panel might cause a short circuit which will trip your breaker. It is hence prudent to have your heater installed by a qualified plumber to counter this issue. A faulty switch which trips endlessly is another common problem.