Cost-Effective ways to Deal with Top Garden Pests and Eliminate Them for Good

Exterminator putting chemicals in the plantUsing garden chemicals may do more harm than good. If your approach is not specific and practical, then you can lose every living plant, including the ones you wish to nurture. Weeds are resilient and difficult to control when they are established. Insects are difficult to eliminate especially if you cannot find where they nest. What is the best plan to eliminate garden pests?

Here is a sneak peek at how to deal with three common insects you do not want in the garden.


Oliver Exterminating Puerto Rico’s residential pest control team in Caguas has a definitive and absolute way to deal with insects like aphids. After all, aphids eat young shoots and kill plants indiscriminately. Often, they are too small to see. The tiny insects suck on the sap of trees and spread disease while doing so. Aphids are some of the most notorious garden pests. Spraying with insecticide is not a foolproof method of clearing the foliage of the pests. The best way to deal with aphids is to encourage the presence of insects and birds that feed on aphids. Natural pest control is an approach that proves effective when aphids are concerned.


Slugs munch on leaves of plants, and they can do so all day long. They are quite effective at eating entire rows of ornamental and vegetables. Protecting plants from their excursion should be a priority. If you are to keep the garden free from slugs, you must invest ton traps. Ask a local expert on garden pests if this approach is viable.

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Chinch Bug

Lawn grass is exposed to the elements. Tough species can wear away storms, but when it comes to pests, grass often succumbs to chinch bugs. You will know they are present when the grass turns brown and dies without warning. Chemical treatment is often necessary to eliminate the bugs, but you have to hire professionals to apply the treatment to prevent damaging other plants.

Take better care of the garden by asking for help from professionals. To begin, educate yourself on how to deal with garden pests effectively.