Easy Hacks to Care for Your Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence MaintenanceWooden fences provide an attractive border around a property. Although materials like vinyl and chain-link are cheaper regarding maintenance, they might not offer the aesthetic appeal wood offers. They are also more expensive than wood.

Here are some strategies to keep your fence in excellent condition:

Repair What Needs to be Repaired

You should always inspect your fence regularly to check whether some of the panels need to be replaced. Ensure that the posts are still firm since the washing away of soil around them usually loosens them. You should also check whether the fasteners are intact. If some fasteners are missing, you should replace them immediately.

Stain and Seal the Panels

Staining and sealing can help protect your wood fence from natural weathering. It is advisable that you cover all parts of the panels exposed to moisture. If you live in a hot locality, it is essential that you use staining products that have the right UV inhibitors. Applying several layers of your choice protective stain, sealant, or paint would keep your fence protected for longer.

Direct Sprinklers Away from the Fence

If you usually water your lawn, it is important that you keep sprinkler water from hitting your fence. Do not assume that your fence would be rained on anyway. If you usually use municipal water, you already know that it contains chemicals such as chlorine that are not present in rainwater. Such chemicals pose a threat to your fence.

Treat for Insects, Mildew, and Fungus

Wooden fences are vulnerable to fungus and mildew, particularly after heavy downpours. Removing mildew and fungi immediately you spot it is important. Using anti-fungal products would save you time, particularly if you are usually busy. If your fence is in contact with top soil and shrubbery, it would be exposed to wood-boring insects. It is important that you apply the right insecticides as regularly as possible.

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Although wood fences need maintenance, there are several reasons why they are a perfect choice. Wood is inexpensive compared to other fencing materials. Since it is biodegradable, it does not contribute to damaging the environment.