More Harm Than Good: Cleaning Approaches That Can Damage Your Carpets

A man cleaning a carpetYour carpet may look fine or spotless on the surface. But underneath they hide grit, dirt, and dust that can negatively affect your health. This is especially true if you fail to clean your carpet on a regular basis. Carpets have fibers that make it easy for dirt to seep in, fooling you that it is still clean even without weeks of vacuuming.

Failing to clean or maintain your carpet will not only put you at risk for health problems (e.g., asthma, athlete’s foot, etc.). Dirt also shortens its lifespan and affects its appearance, making it look unsightly. But neglect isn’t the only way to damage your carpet; using the wrong methods and harsh cleaning products can also affect your floor covering.

Here are some cleaning approaches that can damage your carpets:

Using Too Much Shampoo

When cleaning the carpet, it is common for novice cleaners to use a lot of shampoo and not rinse it thoroughly. This results in residue buildup, which can cause the fibers to attract more dirt. It is better to call a reliable carpet cleaning company because its cleaners know the right amount of products to use.

Over-Wetting the Carpet

Using too much water to soak and clean the carpet causes added moisture to penetrate into the fibers. This can also saturate the rug and cause unpleasant smells. If you over-wet the carpet every time you clean, it is also likely that the rug will shrink and mold will grow.

Skipping Furniture Protection

Furniture pieces, especially heavy ones and those with metal legs, may leave a mark or stain when placed over wet carpet. This is a common problem when you fail to remove the furniture when cleaning. Professional cleaners may use foam blocks or cardboard squares to keep the furniture legs off until the carpet is completely dry.

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It is normal to think that cleaning the carpet on your own can save you more money. But using the wrong method can create more costs. With the right carpet cleaning service, you save yourself the hassle and ensure a carpet that will truly look and smell clean.