The Great Escape from the Big Old Metro

Living Outside Metro ManilaLiving in the midst of it where everything happens is the dream for many, but a lot of people living in the metro would say otherwise.

Metro Manila living has its perks. You’re at the heart of it all: the central business district, malls, concert arenas, and other leisure options. Everything seems convenient and within your reach.

But some city-dwellers wish to escape the hustle and bustle. The Metro might be fun, they say, but quiet seclusion after a hard day’s work is always better. But they fear of moving to the suburbs, with many thinking that places requiring the payment of a toll is already part of the province.

If you wish to live outside Metro Manila, here’s where you can make your great escape:


Proveneo Land, Inc., a local real estate marketing group, considers Cavite as the ideal getaway for city-dwellers who want a sense of quiet without being too far away from the conveniences of the city. This urban center is a picturesque and scenic place that combines business and leisure.

People who wish to escape the polluted Metro can live in the suburban areas of Cavite, such as Bacoor, Kawit, and Molino.


If you’re looking for a peaceful countryside, Laguna is your best bet. It’s a woven tapestry of waterfalls and springs, as well as Laguna de Bay, one of the biggest freshwater lakes in Southeast Asia. Living in Laguna guarantees quick getaways such as the hot and cold springs in Los Baños. Apart from the springs, fall in love with nature more with its botanical parks and trekking paths.

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Laguna living is all about nature loving. The fresh air is a nice break from the polluted streets of Metro Manila. Also, the verdant scenery is always really nice.

While Laguna is too far from the North Metro, workers from the South can enjoy a faster commute through the South Luzon Express Way.

Quiet bliss from the hustle and bustle need not be too far. Give yourself a break by moving to the beautiful suburbs.